Natural disasters displace people from their families, damage homes and cause work stoppages. While Able Services annually contributes to the Red Cross & helps its clients by restoring damaged properties, others have taken it upon themselves to “make a difference."

Ryan with Red, a Dutch Shepherd that was adopted by a family in Sacramento.

Meet Ryan Darfler, an Able Services Engineering Manager, and Founder of MAD (Make A Difference) Dog Rescue. Ryan has been running MAD Dog Rescue for the past few years and delivers disaster relief/rescue to domestic animals. His previous experiences as an international relief worker and paramedic are utilized to the benefit of MAD Dog Rescue. In its first year, MAD Dog rescued 42 dogs and in the non-profit's second year, 178 dogs were rescued.

In an interview with Pawprint, a podcast on animal rescues, Ryan states that:

“MAD Dog Rescue’s primary focus is on disaster response and recovery and when big disasters like hurricane Harvey and Irma hit, we want to be there for them.”

MAD Dog Rescue logoMad Dog Rescue is a charitable organization (501(c)(3)) and does not receive aid from the government. The organization doesn’t have facilities to house their rescues but rather uses its network of pet rescue foster homes.

At one point during the aftermath of the Paradise Fire, Ryan had 17 dogs at his house. As of the writing of this blog, he has 6 dogs at home; 3 of which are full time dogs he refers to as ‘primaries.’ One of these ‘primaries’ is a 75lb Pitbull with terminal cancer, he rescued the dog from the ‘red zone’ of a shelter in the central valley. Hemi, formerly Hemingway, was too sweet to put down and Ryan wanted to give the dog a good last couple months in his home.

Donations and volunteers willing to give their time are very important to the operation. If you wish to donate or foster a dog for MAD Dog Rescue please follow the link below or contact (925-285-8869) or email (

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