Suggested Guidelines For Hotels

The economy is slowly opening back up again.  How can hotels reopen safely? It’s important for general managers to think about what to do when these current isolation restrictions ease up while the virus is still a threat. Make sure infection prevention plans are flexible and incorporate a scalable series of measures based on the current “infection alert level.” Able Services has developed a set of suggested approaches our team can implement to address the current COVID-19 pandemic as it applies to HVAC, mechanical, and control systems relevant to hotels. We offer these possible actions to our clients as practical steps to mitigate risk with an effort to improve the safety, health, and well-being of hotel employees and guests.


Vacant/Reduced Occupancy

  • Keep your HVAC maintained and properly operated.
  • Ensure your boilers are functional and on a regular PM schedule.
  • Continue regular plumbing inspections.
  • Continue to maintain a healthy domestic water system.
  • Ensure that you are compliant with the “Water Management Plan” per ASHRAE 188.


  •  Confirm control systems are operating properly with correct set points.
  •  Ensure that all ventilation systems’ PMs are up-to-date.
  •  Verify that all mechanical inspections are current.
  •  Hotel kitchens: All equipment tested, maintained, and flushed of contaminants.


  1.  Have you supplied staff with Personal Protective Equipment: Protective working uniforms, gloves, goggles and respiratory masks in compliance with industry standards and local jurisdictional requirements?
  2.  Is the staff using approved disinfectant per local regulations, water, dispersion device (electronic or pneumatically operated), paper towels or disposable cloths, and soft bristle brushes?

Re-start and Ongoing Operations

The following are suggested areas to be checked routinely:

  • Use proper safety procedures and PPE as recommended by our national safety department following CDC and OSHA guidelines.
  • Ensure ventilation systems are clean.
  • Air quality controls are calibrated to ensure an ideal environmental condition in all spaces.
  • Ensure proper HVAC filtration.

For a more in-depth investigation on what your property may need or if you need assistance with any re-staffing needs, please contact:

Mark Maddox, Regional Manager
T: 571.308.4272