Injury Free celebration for ``1000 days Injury Free`` at the Prudential Center-Boston

After reaching a milestone of over 175,000 man hours worked Injury Free, we asked Sr Vice President, John Rey, a few questions about the importance of safety in Able’s operations and what his team does to embrace a strong safety culture.

1. Why is safety so important to our work?

Our work is very diverse. There are very few assignments that are exactly like another. As a result the smallest difference in detail from one job to another can result in a different approach. For this reason every employee needs to be properly and frequently trained on how to successfully execute upon their assignments in a safe manner. There isn’t an assignment that exists that justifies being done in an unsafe manner.

2. How do you enhance an organization’s safety culture?

It starts at the top. Once everyone sees the commitment at the executive level, it becomes easier to implement the culture when everyone knows the executive level is holding itself to the same high level. Safety is something that must be ingrained in everything we do. From safety moments to start meetings, to listening to everyone’s ideas and/or concerns on how to create a safer everyday environment.

3. When setting safety goals, what is an appropriate number of incidents? Zero or a few injuries a quarter?

There is never an acceptable appropriate number of incidents. That said, if an incident does occur, it’s vitally important to understand the root cause of the incident so going forward, the exposure is mitigated.

4. How do you express yourself as a beacon of safety for your managers and your employees?

I lead by example. I start off my meetings with a safety moment, I celebrate success for a given employee or given location, I’m involved in determining the root cause of any incident that may occur.

5. If you could share one safety moment what would it be?

I recently presided over a meeting with a client and the safety topic was how cell phone usage has expanded into every activity of our lives. What resonated with me was “Researchers have compared the level of distraction to a blood alcohol level of 0.08.”Able Services is the USA’s largest family-owned provider of engineering, janitorial, and facility solutions. Serving over more than one billion sq. ft. Able delivers the most innovative and forward thinking services in the industry.

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