Edgar Mena
Edgar Mena has been a dedicated Able Services employee for 6 years. He first joined the team as a porter in 2014, became a maintenance technician in 2015, and was promoted to his current role of Resident Manager in 2017. Continuously looking to improve and grow, Edgar exemplifies the high level of work ethic and leadership that Able is proud to have.

Here is what Edgar has to say about his journey with Able Services:

How long have you been at this job?
"I have been at Riverbank Apartments since 2010. When Able was awarded the contract here with Bozzuto in 2014 I began to stay late every chance I could to learn the responsibilities of the different roles on the team. Our Engineering Manager Michael Roach saw potential in me to move into new positions. I have now been Resident Manager for 3 years."

What is your role and your responsibilities on the job?
"I moved into the Resident Manager role when the building was being renovated. This was a stressful time, but it pushed me to learn faster and adapt. Some of my responsibilities now include scheduling preventative maintenance, delegating and completing work orders, holding safety meetings, entering weekly payroll, scheduling vendors, and assuring that all equipment is running properly and efficiently."

What motivates you at work?
"I have always had a dream. I encourage my team to continue learning and not to be complacent. We always have to want more. Every morning I ask the team, 'How can we do our job better today?' "

When did you first notice that you were good at your job?
"When I realized I am not by myself and have great support from Able Services, Bozzuto, and a close team that makes me better every day."

What do you like about your job?
"The challenge! There is always something new to learn, it keeps me searching to become more."

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?
"I am a minister at a church in Queens. I am involved with several outreach programs, working with the youth, working with police departments to help low income communities, run donation drives, and give meals to the homeless. I love to make my community better."