1. From your seat as an Engineering Manager focusing on Outsourced Residential Services, how has the residential market changed in Chicago?

a.  In the past 10 years, the residential market has changed dramatically. The concept of a “cookie cutter” high rise went away and “high-end” living replaced it. Ownership realized that they are able to be more profitable by spending a bit more money on the amenities during development, since they make it back in rent right away. Able delivers solutions to over 11,000 premier units in the Chicago area.


2. Why is servicing Residential different from Commercial Real Estate?

a. The biggest difference between Residential Services and Commercial Real Estate is that we are maintaining someone’s home. Commercial properties normally operate from 6:00am to 6:00pm. On the residential side, we are working to maintain the property 24 hours a day. We need to ensure that the mechanical equipment is operated and maintained, but also that all the amenity floors, leasing office, and especially the lobby are all immaculate. Residential communities are continuously leasing units and first impressions make or break the deal. This is why we are constantly working with our staff at the sites. Success only comes when we are working as a TEAM. This starts at the Concierge level and goes all the way up to the Chief Engineer.

3. You attended the NAA show in Las Vegas, how was that?

a. The 2015 National Apartment Association show was very successful. Able Services had a great group of representatives assembled to meet, greet, and explain our core business along with the benefits that our clients receive from a 3rd party service provider. We also had the opportunity to meet our current clients along with their cohorts from across the nation. This gave us more potential exposure for markets that we currently do not service.


4. What does ‘Service At Work’ mean to you?

a. ‘Service At Work’ encompasses everything we do. Client, Employee and industry relationships are the reason why we are so successful in our market.   On the residential side, we enable our clients the luxury to focus on leasing. Our employees know Able provides them with the “tools” they need to be safe, knowledgeable, and successful in their various roles. I know “service” is being done when clients keep asking for pricing for additional properties and employees only want to work for Able.

Marquette Rugby

5. What Sports did you play during college?

a. I played Rugby at Marquette University for 4 years.

6. What were you up to this summer outside of your work at Able?

a. We spent quality time together as a family. We drove to Florida for a week and spent weekends in Wisconsin. During the week, we drove the kids to and from Irish Dance, Basketball, Softball and Soccer.

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