Enhanced cleaning by Able Services helps you mitigate risk and continue smooth and effortless operations at your site.  We strive to always deliver a clean, healthy, and sustainable facility. But what does that mean when you are battling an invisible enemy? As we’ve said before, maintaining a visually clean facility is not enough in the face of a global pandemic. Able approaches each situation individually — listening carefully to your needs and matching the level of cleaning and disinfection to your goals and specifications.

The Definition of a “Clean” Space

When we talk about “cleaning” a space, we are referring to the process of making that space free of dirt and debris. Cleaning a space physically removes all dirt and contamination, oftentimes using a neutral cleaner such as soap and water. The friction of cleaning removes most germs and exposes remaining germs to the effects of a sanitizer or disinfectant used later. Disinfectant works better if it is applied to a clean surface. In the current COVID-19 environment, regular cleaning of a space is not enough to reduce the risk of transmission of illness from person to person without the use of disinfectants. When dealing with any kind of outbreak, additional steps like enhanced cleaning are of the utmost importance.

office with enhanced cleaning

Clean and Hygienic Spaces

Our goal is to make the space clean AND hygienic. By performing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting we can greatly reduce dirt, germs and pathogens that can lead to an outbreak in your facility.  Additional areas that may not be part of our routine scope are easily addressed when requested. Enhanced cleaning involves high touch point disinfectant cleaning which entails using an EPA registered Disinfectant or electrostatic sprayer with a focus on door handles / knobs, glass touchpoints, railings, levers, fountains, button panels, faucets, appliances, vending machines, restroom fixture handles, dispensers, light switches, tables, and counters, in both common and tenant spaces.

When a space is heavily occupied, or if there has been a confirmed case of an illness such as flu or COVID-19, infection control measures are especially important. Allow our ReliAble Response Team to provide enhanced cleaning services like infection control to your space.

Able Services recommends our preventative enhanced cleaning and disinfecting service using EPA-registered disinfectants on all high touch surfaces. Based on the need, Able uses the appropriate method of procedure for the task, either wet wiping the surfaces with the EPA registered disinfectant or utilizing our industry leading electrostatic sprayer technology.

While disinfecting a presumed or known contaminated space it is important to wear the appropriate PPE and understand the materials being used to disinfect the space. Able provides our ReliAble Response Team members with masks, gloves, Tyvek coveralls, splash resistant eye protection and double nitrile gloves.

Watch the Electrostatic Sprayer in Action.

Able Services Keeps Employees Safe

Since the pandemic began, Able Services has not strayed from its mission to keep employees safe. However, uncertain times call for an increased scrutiny of standard practices and Able has stepped up to meet and exceed COVID-19 safety measures. We’ve implemented the following procedural guidelines:

  • Employees are required to follow our Able protocol document which is inclusive of CDC guidelines and state and federal agency guidance.
  • All employees must wear the appropriate PPE for each situation and use the disinfectant specified in the contract. Additional training for enhanced cleaning the  tools is provided by our Safety Managers.
  • Able has created a video series that has been shared with staff members to ensure they are up-to-date on various recommendations and safety protocols.
  • We’ve implemented protocols to keep employees appropriately distanced to reduce the risk of community spread.
  • Additionally, we’ve begun temperature screenings and other protocols to keep our employees’ home if they are ill.

Contact Able Services for More Information on our enhanced cleaning program

Able Services understands that your needs can change from one moment to the next. At anytime, a situation could arise that takes your cleaning needs to the next level. Contact your local Able Services representative today to learn more about Able Services’ ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19 through enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection. Let us help you mitigate risk and continue smooth and effortless operations in your space.

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