Mark Kelly ImageWe asked Mark Kelly, President of Able Services a few questions about Able’s decision to join the Green Sports Alliance.

Why did Able Join the Green Sports Alliance?

“First and foremost, we joined the Green Sports Alliance because we believe, along with our stadium clients, that we are all responsible to make every concerted effort to provide sustainable environments regardless of the real estate vertical.  Secondly, it makes total sense for us to join because that’s where our stadium clients and prospects are, want to be and see value in. They, like “we” at Able, are constantly testing, researching and looking for new sustainability ideas. Efficiency driven programs related to waste, water and energy make their properties more appealing to today’s fans.  And sustainably well operated Stadiums along with their teams are ambassadors for their cities. Sometimes, stadiums are the only property that visitors and their families will set a foot in for a particular city.  A clean well operated stadium with a “best in class” sustainability program can be a very important touchpoint for many fans, and enables a repeatable positive experience for many years.

What services does Able currently offer stadiums?

“We currently and in the past have provided customized versions of what we are best known for: engineering and janitorial programs, processes and services. These specialized services require different competencies for the needs of our stadium clients. Being compliant with local ordinances and meeting sustainability goals such as the Green Glove award or a LEED recertification require different concentrations than a standard commercial office or corporate campus. We have recycling programs, zero waste initiatives, energy conservation, energy procurement, resource management, a national procurement program, and green cleaning services that we offer to stadiums as part of the Able package.”

Green Sports Alliance logo“The Green Sports Alliance leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. We do so by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace energy and water efficiency; renewable energy; sustainable food; responsible procurement; socially responsible practices; and other environmentally preferable actions. Alliance members represent nearly 400 sports teams and venues from 15 different sports leagues and 14 countries.”

Able Services is the USA’s largest family-owned provider of engineering, janitorial, and facility solutions. Serving over more than one billion sq. ft. Able delivers the most innovative and forward thinking services in the industry.

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Green Cleaning & GreenAble Sustainability Program
  • Recycling & Zero Waste Programs
  • Energy Procurement
  • Safety Training

Since 1926 Able has consistently delivered world-class service at a competitive value, thereby achieving significant cost savings and efficiencies for our clients.