goby-logoThis article was originally posted in June 2015 and has been updated.

If your building(s) are in a deregulated energy market and you haven’t implemented an energy strategy, you may be leaving significant dollars on the table. Energy accounts for 19-30% of a typical commercial building’s operating budget. This can be a six or seven-figure annual spend for larger users. Deregulated energy markets have been around for the past decade or two. At first, savings were virtually automatic simply by switching to a competitive supplier. As markets have tightened and normalized, sophisticated building owners are now harnessing the power of technology and data to find savings and mitigate risk.

Able has a strategically aligned with Goby, a national real estate sustainability and energy management consulting firm. Via its proprietary software platform SeaSuite, Goby helps its clients actively monitor and reduce their energy consumption. With the launch of its energy procurement division, Goby now helps clients save more money with strategically crafted energy plans. Goby can custom tailor an energy procurement strategy for your building(s) that ensures your energy spend matches your goals.

To learn more about Goby and its unique approach to energy procurement services, call 312.242.3016 or email energy@gobyllc.com.

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