goby-logoThis is a common objection to using any third party advisor or consultant. If it was never cost effective to use a broker then many multi-billion dollar brokerage industries (investments, insurance, employee benefits, real estate, etc.) wouldn’t exist. The fact is when there is a complex market with multiple players and significant information gaps between buyers and sellers, brokers add value. If you are successfully procuring energy on your own, then you probably have a well-trained staff with a deep understanding of energy markets.

The benefits to working with an energy consultant like Goby are legion. Goby is not tied to a specific supplier or set of products, therefore they work to custom tailor an energy solution that works best for you, not themselves. Of course brokers get paid, but for their expertise, their ability to handcraft a custom solution, and their ability to create competition for your business. Their commission is paid by the supplier and is typically the same (or less) than the supplier would pay its own salesperson. From a rate perspective, a broker is usually cost-neutral – and the reputable ones (like Goby) are transparent with their fee structure.

Able has a strategically aligned with Goby, a national real estate sustainability and energy management consulting firm. Goby, via its proprietary software platform SeaSuite, helps its clients actively monitor and reduce their energy consumption. With the launch of its energy procurement division, Goby now helps clients pay less as well by crafting strategic energy plans.

To learn more about Goby and its unique approach to energy procurement services, call 312.242.3016 or email energy@gobyllc.com.

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