Imagine going into a busy Saturday with enough errands to last the entire day. What’s the first thing you’re likely to bring with you? Probably the list of tasks, and maybe even a schedule of the times by which you need to have each of them completed. 

Just like your busy Saturday list, when it comes to facility maintenance, facility management has their own list in the much more advanced form of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). A CMMS is a software platform that displays maintenance tasks for all systems within an organization. 

From the smallest of tasks, like a daily test of condenser water in a cooling tower, to big jobs like major repairs to an HVAC system, a CMMS provides a clear daily and weekly workflow, as well as the expected date the task will arise again in the future so that management can plan ahead. In addition to keeping maintenance requests and predictive maintenance organized, a CMMS makes preventative maintenance much easier to manage by incorporating consistent evaluations of large equipment into its tasks and schedule. 

In this article, we detail the three primary advantages to a CMMS and how incorporating one into your facility maintenance operations creates a better organized, more efficient system. 

1. Save on Time and Money

Automating maintenance functions by using a CMMS helps your organization save a significant amount of time and money in the short term and long term. CMMS automation decreases paperwork, provides accurate time estimates per task, and facilitates the cost tracking of material and equipment. As the saying goes, “time is money,” and the more work that fits into a shorter time frame, the more money saved.

Less Paperwork 

Because a CMMS is a digital platform, automated reports and tracking create less paperwork and instead provide automated results, easily viewable in the platform’s dashboard. The automated process reduces the chance of error and increases productivity for management with the mitigation of searching for paperwork. From the morning shift to the swing shift, the information is accessible and stored in one place.

A CMMS also mitigates hard copy file storing. Instead of sifting through paperwork and inventory stocks, maintenance management has access to digital files available in the CMMS. 

Time Estimates and Real-Time Reporting

With a CMMS, time estimates on each task allow for better team time management and planning. By providing maintenance professionals with an estimated amount of time per task, management can plan for a specific number of tasks to be completed daily, weekly and monthly to provide accurate reporting on efficiency.

A CMMS also offers real-time reporting. When a service request is uploaded to the platform, teams see the request in real time and can respond to tasks in order of importance.

Cost Tracking of Material and Equipment 

A CMMS provides cost tracking of material and equipment. Management has access to a more organized digital inventory of spare parts to avoid unnecessary inventory-related costs. A CMMS can also assist maintenance management by tracking each replacement and spare part and providing an estimate of costs per spare part in real time.

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2. Increase Efficiency

The phrase “data is the new oil” has become popular to describe data’s prominent role in nearly every facet of our lives. For business operations, this is a good thing in its provision of information to increase employee productivity.

Using a CMMS, all necessary information related to a task or operation is located in a single place. From there, management can benefit from the following: 

  • Granular tracking to create operational efficiencies 
  • Reporting that exists on a single dashboard rather than in several locations
  • Prediction of maintenance expense requirements based on equipment age and the amount of maintenance performed on the equipment 

With this information, your team can perform analysis, draw conclusions and implement best practices.

3. Standardize a Preventive Maintenance Program 

Servicing a building's equipment with a standardized preventative maintenance program will help you avoid an unnecessary service interruption and extend the life of equipment. Without one, ownership and management lack the metrics to compare engineering performance. 

A CMMS makes standardizing a preventative maintenance program easy with following features:

  • Includes details on each piece of equipment and asset
  • Creates consistent labeling of equipment to be understood by engineering, property management and other interested parties
  • Incorporates data with standardized measurement and standardized tasking, adapted to meet each facility's needs
  • Schedules for weekly, monthly and annual preventative maintenance work based on best practices
  • Includes training for engineers and staff to understand the software and further enhance tasking for properties 
  • Provides a customization function to add new equipment on an ongoing basis
  • Lowers operating costs by reducing risks of deferred maintenance
  • Allows for consistent reporting for all properties across a portfolio and compares buildings, equipment and the effectiveness of on-site engineering staff
  • Allows for predictable capital for project planning 

With all the extensive benefits of a preventative maintenance program standardized with the help of a CMMS, you can't afford not to take advantage of the cost savings, efficiency and ease of project planning and execution.

Adaptable and Proactive, Able Services Offers a Comprehensive Solution

With a large and varied base of clients comes a variety of technology resources. Able Services has the breadth and depth of experience to develop expertise with a portfolio of CMMS programs. 

Whether you have already implemented a CMMS or need us to incorporate our own into your operations, our maintenance professionals are ready to serve. We use a customer-driven mobile and cloud-based work order and operations management CMMS solution, created specifically for commercial real estate teams.

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