Reducing janitorial services costs requires more than simply skimming a spreadsheet and looking to replace a cleaning product with a lower-priced item. Instead, it takes a careful analysis of current janitorial operations, to discover missed opportunities and potential efficiencies.

In this blog post, we provide four ways to reduce janitorial services costs for your commercial building through supplementing automated cleaning, committing to established budgets, implementing workload management software and partnering with a facility management partner.  

1. Supplement with Automated Janitorial Services 

According to Grand View Research, the global cleaning robot market size was valued at $2.5 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to witness a compound annual growth rate of 14.6 percent during the 2014-2025 forecast period. Expected growth in the industry is caused, in part, by the increasing adoption of automation technology for cleaning tasks. Utilizing automated cleaning technology can help save time for  your cleaning staff and allow them to focus on other highly visible tasks.

Implementing innovative technologies has revolutionized disinfecting services in commercial settings in the following ways:

  • Autonomous foggers and scrubbers follow a digitally mapped path throughout the building, spraying disinfecting and sanitizing agents.  
  • UV robots scan the environment using lidar sensors, and they can also use UV light to disinfect rooms during unoccupied periods. 
    • Photocatalytic converters convert airborne germs, viruses and pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide and water.
  • Cleaning verification and tracking applications help track and assess risk, facilitate communications between teams, track cleaning efforts, and consolidate and visualize data to optimize cleaning and preventive efforts.

Although cleaning robots are becoming more and more utilized in these settings, they should only supplement human labor. They are convenient devices, but various factors prevent them from replacing cleaning staff, including safety, power and battery issues and stringent regulations implemented by environmental safety agencies. 

2. Commit to Established Budgets 

Purchasing products and equipment outside of the budget can add up quickly. To avoid purchases outside of scope, make the right investments by:

  • Working with a supplier that has a national procurement network to get the best deals on products in bulk.
  • Using green products is not only foundational to many sustainability efforts, but it can result in additional savings in the process of going green, according to BOMA International members.
  • Purchasing newer, more effective equipment to help improve worker productivity. Although the costs of this equipment can be expensive, the effectiveness of the products may outweigh the initial costs and allows the facility team to focus on other areas of operations.

To help with budget commitment, consider a versatile mobile-friendly management software that tracks budget, tasks and other important elements of janitorial services.

3. Implement a Workload Management Software

Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies increases productivity through mobile technologies, programs and software. Here are the primary benefits of a workload management software program for your janitorial services: 

  • Manages and collects data on processes 
  • Provides expert analysis of data, leading to actionable intelligence and meaningful management decisions
  • Provides tiered, real-time reporting, so that the right person has the right information at the right time
  • Creates data management and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting for management 
  • Saves on efficiency of tasks and oversight 

For clients, a workload management software provides easy-to-view dashboards of measurable productivity to ensure they are getting the service they are paying for. 

4. Partner with a Reputable Facility Management Company

A facility management company can give you access to the resources and capabilities of their janitorial services program, including:  

    • Reducing the amount of potential hazardous chemical, biological and particle contaminants that adversely impact the air quality, health, building finishes, building systems, environment, building occupants and maintenance personnel of your building. 
    • Promoting a safety culture through employee education and best practices to avoid employee lost time due to injury. 
    • Performing an audit of your current janitorial services to help update the scope of services, find areas of cost reduction, create efficiencies and consolidate your services to streamline invoicing.

Ultimately, a facility management company will provide the services and care you seek to keep cleaning operations running efficiently and occupants and staff safe. That facility management company is Able Services. 

Janitorial Services with a People-Focused Customer Service Approach

With nearly a century of providing facility operations, Able Services provides green janitorial services and maintenance services to all types of commercial properties.

We implement autonomous cleaning equipment, provide transparent janitorial budgets, deliver green cleaning and utilize EnAble—a workload technology that manages work orders, tag jobs and productivity—so our clients know they’re getting the service they are paying for. 

To learn more about how Able Services can conduct cost-effective, people-focused  operations in your facility as your employees return to work, read through our “COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist” today.

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