Outsourcing facility management services saves on costs, reduces risk, and streamlines functionality, allowing for optimized attention to business. According to research by McKinsey & Company, “Outsourcing has now surpassed 50 percent of the total facilities management market in several regions, including Europe, [the] Middle East, and North America.” 

To protect an average of $40 million in systems assets per building, companies are increasingly contracting facility management services. Here are six advantages to going that route. 

1. Broader Service Expertise

Look for longevity when evaluating a full-service facility management service provider. If they've been around for a couple of decades, it is highly likely they have identified and implemented the latest industry standards and they have the knowledge and resources to apply the best practices from one account to the next.

They are also likely to be updated with—and implementing—the newest technologies and innovations. Training and re-training is required to keep up with the latest computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), the integration of robotics and other advancements as the industry evolves. Outsourcing provides access to an industry-leading management team and national O&M infrastructure. 

A full-service facility management company, like Able Services, with a long track record of customer satisfaction is likely to keep its valued employees. For Able Services’ clients, that means access to an extensive building engineering and janitorial talent pool, especially for staffing in challenging labor markets.

2. Cost Reduction

Partnering with a facility management service reduces costs. With a dedicated engineering staff and an inventory of immediately available parts, repair response is quicker, saving downtime costs. Plus, preventative maintenance extends the useful life of equipment and removes the need to call in an expensive specialist when something breaks, which can cause a service disruption. 

Besides saving training and human resource costs, outsourcing taps into a facilities management company's purchasing power. They buy cleaning supplies at a discount, saving their clients money.

3. Risk Reduction

When working with a reputable facility management service partner, personnel grievances, disciplinary actions and other issues become the contractor’s responsibility. Former in-house activities such as payroll, timekeeping, labor relations, HR, benefits and so forth are handled by the contractor, releasing management from responsibility and time requirements and thereby allowing for greater in-house productivity. 

4. Efficient and Sustainable Operations

A dedicated facility management service is well-versed in and continuously updated on current environmental standards. Green and wellness initiatives such as LED retrofits, enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ) and water and power conservation keep your facility operating efficiently.

Studies have also found that an eco-friendly workplace improves employees' physical and mental health and makes them more productive. Look for a facility management service that is Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certified. They will implement proven sustainability measures that improve the environment of the buildings they maintain.

An outsourced contractor can also provide staff that is well-versed in the usage of the most current eco-friendly technology, without the need to provide training to in-house staff or the need to outlay capital in acquiring the technology and equipment. 

5. Rapid Response Time

A full-service facility management service can quickly access parts and supplies, eliminating long, costly waits and downtime. By purchasing for many facilities and project sites nationwide, full-service facilities management companies receive wholesale pricing and perform installation themselves, further reducing a company's costs. The ability to quickly address breakdowns or other issues prevents delays in other dependent and necessary operations.

6. Freedom to Operate at Maximum Efficiency

A full-service facility management service provides the flexibility to utilize specialized services as needed. Instead of incurring the cost of developing in-house competencies that will be used occasionally or sporadically, companies can cut costs and headaches by outsourcing as needed. For some companies, just outsourcing one service, such as engineering or janitorial, provides significant benefit. For others, bundling all services into an integrated facilities management approach is even more advantageous. 

Look for a dedicated full-service facility management company like Able Services that offers as many options as clients need and can adjust seamlessly as those needs change—a hands-on company that has stood the test of time and can solve your most significant problems with the accessibility and expediency of a boutique firm. Find a facility management service that saves costs, of course, but more importantly, find one that builds a trusting relationship between client and service provider and offers something that cannot be measured in dollars: peace of mind.

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