First impressions between people are often subtle, almost unnoticeable, yet they strongly influence our interactions. When it comes to buildings, a first impression is more quickly noticeable. A shining lobby, tidy office space or pristine hallway floor are clear reflections of your business to your customers or clients. 

When choosing a janitorial services partner, team up with a company that understands that the services provided need to be both excellent and affordable. If you are a building property manager or owner, you need to trust that services are done to your specifications in a timely manner; the last thing your busy schedule needs is another task to oversee.

As more and more people continue to return to work in office buildings, it is especially important that you work with a reputable janitorial services partner that provides timely and thorough services with state-of-the-art technology.

Value and Quality Control

First things first: Work with a company that understands customer needs and ensures quality of service remains the number one priority. With janitorial services, you want consistency. Consider these questions when evaluating a potential janitorial services partner and their attention to detail:

  • When spot checking the top of surfaces, are they free of dust? 
  • Is the office cleaned, trash taken out and carpet vacuumed on a daily or nightly basis? 
  • Are work orders completed in a timely manner? 
  • Are monthly or quarterly deep cleans conducted? 

Of course, you also want to consider price. However, cost-effectiveness and cheapness should not be conflated. Although cost is often the driving factor in deciding on third-party services, value and quality of work should never be sacrificed. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

It is important for your service providers to consistently implement the most effective technology. Mobile technology applications can be used to create an open, safe and transparent environment. Interactive applications can empower janitorial staff and customers to track components related to the cleaning program, including work orders, inspections and quality control. Technology tools can also improve and upgrade communication through the elimination of process inefficiencies, paper use, scanning, missed emails and/or missed phone calls.

At Able Services, we use EnAbleIFM Knowledge Management Platform, an extensive, easy-to-use, innovative solution to manage our processes and to drive accountability, compliance and performance visibility.

A Local Presence and Extensive Staffing Resources

A building is more than just a place people go to work; it’s also a part of a community. When working with a janitorial services company, the provider should be familiar with the tenant population of your building. This is important because different levels of service and customer interaction will be required. A traditional law office, a tech company and a healthcare facility will certainly require specific types of care. Knowing the companies and the local marketplace allow janitorial staff to best serve the needs of the tenant population.

When you find the right local company for you, be sure they employ a large number of janitors and an ability to adjust staffing levels, cover for sick time, and rise to other unexpected changes in the workforce.


Consider this scenario: Ownership unexpectedly notifies you of an all-hands meeting with all of the regional managers in your conference room tomorrow at 10 a.m., and you need extra services beyond your scope. Can you janitorial provider handle the needs? Is your partner agile or slow to respond? Or, consider another scenario: There was a suspected case of a virus in your facility, and you need to act fast. Providing the attention you need should be at the top of your janitorial services provider’s list, so your building tenants can go about conducting their business with little to no interruption. 

When choosing your service provider, consider them as a partner, not just a commodity. This way, you know the attention you need comes from a care for the value of the services they’re providing. Plus, this could lead to a long-term professional relationship. 

National Procurement Buying Power

From mop buckets to chemicals, consumables and other must-have cleaning supplies, there are a lot of purchases necessary to run a clean building. If the company you choose to work with doesn’t have national buying power, you won’t receive the cost savings you are looking for because the discount the janitorial services company receives won’t be passed on.

During the global pandemic, the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chain was caught off guard by the sudden demand from multiple industries, including janitorial service providers. It is important to consider partnering with a company that has national buying power to avoid any potential future supply shortages like the one we experienced in 2020.

As a founding member of the Cleaning Coalition of America, Able Services lobbied the government on behalf of the industry to ensure that employees had the proper PPE and supplies necessary to do their jobs. 

Green Cleaning

When looking for a janitorial services partner, consider the kinds of cleaning materials being used and whether they have a zero-waste commitment and the sustainability of the equipment. These days, some companies are setting sustainability goals while cutting costs on energy at the same time. Certifications, like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and sustainability platforms are good indicators of commitment to sustainability practices. 

Attaining a Cleaning Industry Management Standard—Green Building (CIMS-GB) with Honors certification put Able Services in the top 1 percent of all janitorial providers. Our services contribute to the green cleaning points scoring for a variety of building wellness and sustainability certifications. 

Industry Experience

Just as professionals possess resumes, janitorial service companies need to have a variety of experience to prove they have cared for properties similar to yours. Medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, tech companies and others have specific cleaning requirements and regulations. Just like people provide references, be sure to check references from clients of the janitorial services provider that have the same property type.

Regardless of the industry, infection disease control cleaning will be needed for the foreseeable future, which makes reliable, adaptable cleaning services all the more necessary. 

Partner Up with Valuable Services 

Weighing the options for a janitorial services partner is difficult. Ultimately, you need affordable services that don’t sacrifice quality for cost, but you also need to be sure your janitorial services partner stays up-to-date on trends in the industry, 

In 2020, when most facets of our world changed, the facilities services industry developed innovations in technology to enhance client communication, data automation and sanitation assistance. The industry also developed best practices for increasing sustainability for facility managers and property owners. To read more about the innovations in our industry, we created an infographic for 2021 janitorial maintenance trends. 

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