If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it is the need to be flexible and prepared for anything. This is especially important in the facilities management field, where occupancy levels and building maintenance needs are fluctuating more than ever.

One of the best ways to stay nimble and be ready for an unknown road ahead is by implementing smart cost-saving measures to your facilities management program. These measures can maintain high levels of quality and safety while also saving money in the short and long run.

You don’t know where to start, or you’re looking for some additional strategies to make your operations more efficient? Outsourcing your facilities operations to a facilities services partner is one option that can help you achieve significant cost savings while also improving the quality of your operation. Here are some of the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing your facilities management services.

Optimization of Staffing and Scope of Work 

When you get the objective perspective of a facilities services partner—and their evaluation of work scope and historical productivity—your team can optimize the number of on-site staff needed to get the work done. Right sizing your staffing levels while planning for capital projects, such as lighting retrofits, and other property improvements will help you budget accordingly. They may be able to substitute mid- or high-level staff with lower-level employees, depending on the position requirements, thus providing additional savings. 

Process Improvements 

With extensive experience serving various types and sizes of facilities, a facilities services partner typically has processes, best practices and tools that can be customized to your needs, which can result in additional savings. A partner can apply specialized innovations, such as mobile productivity applications or state-of-the-art cleaning technologies, to economically address facilities challenges.

Facility Optimization

A facilities services partner can also provide specialized technical experts who will recommend additional facility optimization opportunities. Improvement examples might include: 

  • Developing building automation strategies to reduce energy costs
  • Reducing reactive maintenance calls by implementing a more robust preventative maintenance program
  • Extending the life of an asset through a targeted maintenance program that pushes off its eventual replacement and capital costs
  • Comparing facilities to other similar facilities and leveraging lessons learned across multiple sites

Supply and Consumables Procurement Discounts 

Your organization can also benefit from the additional buying power a facilities management partner has, which passes down savings to you for supplies and consumables. This ability to buy in bulk or through partnership channels also applies to other supplies your team needs, such as uniforms, cell phones, vehicles and computer equipment.

Union-Related Costs 

For many companies, a union staffing requirement is their primary driver for establishing an outsourcing partnership with an outside facilities management firm. This insulates your organization from the significant costs associated with pension withdrawal liability, because you are no longer the direct employer of the union staff.

Management Administration and Supervision Expenses 

A facilities services partner will also cover daily supervision of staff, basic management processes, safety training, and employee performance issues, giving your in-house staff more time and resources to focus on core activities. Payroll and HR systems processing are also covered by an outsourcing provider, as well as costs to account for any HR compliance audit and reporting processes for federal, state, local or union requirements.

Bench Strength and Reduced Employee Turnover 

When staff openings occur or when backup coverage is needed, outsourcing providers have extensive bench strength to draw from. A provider that specializes in a specific functional area is also better set up to provide employee development and career growth, which typically results in happier employees and lower turnover. This reduces the need for recruiting, onboarding and training replacement staff. 

Improve Your Facilities Management Program With a Trusted Partner

This is an understandably challenging time, but a great motivator to take action on those efforts that could put your facilities management services on a more cost-efficient path without sacrificing flexibility.

To get your efforts kick-started or to add additional perspectives to your existing program, consider partnering with a dedicated full-service facility management company like Able Services. We have the experience and expertise to offer the options you need to solve your most significant facilities management challenges, and we focus on building a relationship with your business for the long run. 

To learn more about Able Services and how we can help your business prepare for the road ahead, contact us.

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