What is enhanced cleaning?

Cleaning high touch points including elevator buttons, doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, phones, light switches, keyboards, and other surfaces that are routinely contacted by building occupants at a higher frequency.

Enhanced High Touch Point Cleaning by Able Services Elevator Buttons are High Touch Points

Think of a building occupant’s path of travel, where people are going and what people use. Those are high touch points. Our enhanced cleaning program provides higher frequency cleaning of high touch point surfaces.

Cleaning staff stays safe with the use of proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as part of a comprehensive health and safety program. PPE is worn by janitors to protect them from infectious diseases, as well as disinfectant and other hazardous materials.

Why high touch point cleaning?

These are the surfaces that people use most often. Disinfecting these surfaces more frequently will reduce the spread of biological pathogens like viruses.

What is used to clean a high touch point?

EPA registered disinfectants are used to clean high touch point surfaces as part of an Enhanced Cleaning program.

How does an Enhanced Cleaning service fit into a janitorial scope?

Enhanced cleaning, enhanced disinfecting and infection control services are completely customizable for your needs. Some services are performed daily, weekly or on an as needed basis. They can be carried out for a whole building, tenant spaces, a classroom, or a specified area.

Do I need Enhanced Cleaning or enhanced disinfection services?

Please contact your Able Services representative or call 800 461 9033 to learn more about customized solutions for your space. Able’s ReliAble Response Team is trained and certified to provide level 2 and level 3 enhanced disinfection services. Learn more about our ReliAble Team here.

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