This article was originally published in May 2018 and has been updated.

The New Jersey team holding an award for safety

Pride in Working Safe’ at the Hopewell Campus in Pennington, NJ

with Rob Berger, Engineering Manager, Able Services

  1. Tell us about the Hopewell Operations and Maintenance Team

The Hopewell Team achieved 1,400 Days without a worksite injury, that’s 11,200 shifts and 33,600 hours straight, as this is a 24/7 coverage site. Our team provides the maintenance and operation of 4 separate chilled plants that control the comfort of 2 million sq. ft. of office space.  We also provide critical cooling and power for several of the campuses’ 24/7 banking operations.  The site is manned with a 24/7 control room for fire and life safety and emergency work tickets.

  1. Who leads the safety efforts on the site?

The Chiefs and Leads set the example by leading safety meetings, discussing jobs, and writing procedures for a majority of the tasks that include PPE lists.  This insures that all the engineers at the site are prepared for the job daily. We require regular reviews of ABLE’s safety program and IIPP to help keep Safety at the forefront of our operations.

  1. Why is it important to recognize safety achievements?

Recognizing this safety culture that has been established is just as important as the achievement.  You want to let the team know that the work they do on an ongoing basis, is important to the company and the services we provide to our clients.  You also want the team to have sense of pride in the achievement so they continue to build on it.

  1. How does Able help build and sustain a safety culture?

Building the safety culture, takes time and buy in from all avenues.  The field support of the Safety Team and Operations group, getting timely information to the Chief Engineer and reinforcing the ABLE safety standards in the very beginning, start to build the momentum that is needed to sustain the culture.

  1. Why work safe?

Working Safe is just good business and it ties in to ABLE’s Core Cultural Values.  For the employee to be safe means they are being Personally Effective; setting the example for others and no lost working time and most importantly no lost time from out of work activities (i.e. time with their families and loved ones) so as not to upset the work/life balance.  Working safe is akin to being Sustainable, it means that we have properly trained our employees in how to perform their job duties.  Finally, working safe for our clients means we are providing the best Customer Value that we can.

Safety and risk management are major focuses for Able operations. Our safety team works with the field employees and managers to ensure compliance and risk mitigation at all levels of employment. These federally required safety programs reduce risk and liability for building owners. Able's proprietary safety methods and programs have reduced rates of incidence putting Able at the top of the industry.