Advice From a TOBY JudgeThe TOBY Awards as described on the BOMA International website,  "are the commercial real estate industry’s highest recognition honoring excellence in building management and operations in 16 categories of building type or size."

This award is the Oscar's for buildings, or Emmys if you are a TV watcher. The award at the international level is the highest recognition a building can receive and in order to get to the international stage, buildings must apply, win a local BOMA TOBY, win the Regional TOBY and then they are entered into the annual BOMA International TOBY competition.

Our Director of Business Development, Amy Benoit, took a few moments to address the unspoken criteria judges observe when they score a building. Read Advice from a TOBY Judge below:

Amy Benoit Able Services

"As a BOMA TOBY Judging Team lead, I’ll occasionally get contacted by property managers saying, “My building is up for a TOBY – what do I do now!?”

My answer usually touches on items beyond the BOMA TOBY checklist.

Here is advice from a TOBY judge:
1. We notice how you interact with your staff, vendors and tenants. Seeing genuine rapport among team members is a total plus.
2. We will 100% notice that stain in the elevator lobby. Going through tour areas in advance will pay off.
3. Let your engineers shine. They are as invested in the property as you are – let them lead the conversation when the topic calls for it. Again, demonstrating a harmonious team dynamic goes a long way.
4. Thoughtful details are noticed and appreciated. You mustn't order a full spread from Tatte and logo water bottles, but something as simple as signage welcoming BOMA will be noted and remembered. (However, did I mention I love a good pain au chocolat?)
5. A dazzling tour will not counteract a rushed online submission. Tours are not meant to make up points but rather showcase what you highlighted in your text.

Finally, as judges we know the tremendous amount of resources that go into these submissions. They’re often years in the making and for that, we value each and every one. Good luck and may the best buildings win!"

Interested in getting more advice from a TOBY judge?

You can reach out to Amy Benoit on LinkedIn.