Hotel operations have adjusted to the post COVID-19 world. Throughout March, hoteliers across United States made rigorous adjustments to their operations because of COVID-19.  According to STR, over the next seven weeks, approximately 15% of the nation’s hotel inventory closed. And those that remained opened operated at historically low occupancies.  As occupancy is gradually improving and as many cities and states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, hotel owners and operators are planning for the anticipated rebound in room demand. Making adjustments before guests arrive, adjusting housekeeping protocols, and updating the guest experience are ways hotel operations are changing to accommodate for COVID-19 requirements.

a hotel worker at a deskHOW HOTELS ARE PREPARING TO OPEN

  • Re-training staff on the new safety protocols such as daily temperature checks, refraining from physical contact, etc.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing the entire property.
  • Ordering supplies in proportion to changes in demand.
  • Preparing, communicating and promoting safety manuals.
  • Establishing protocols on how to respond to a positive COVID-19 test result for guests and employees.


Hotel Hospitality Operations Post COVID-19

Both the CDC and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) have provided cleanliness guidelines that hotels are following. AHLA is also working to provide cohesive guidelines for hotel operations post COVID-19 so that operators are following consistent procedures to modify their hotel operations. Some of the procedures include:

  • Cleaning all surfaces before a guest occupies a room.
  • Increase sanitizing and cleaning equipment.
  • Limiting exposure of housekeeping staff to guests.
  • Scheduling laundry every few days as occupancy levels dictate.
  • Removing non-essential items from rooms for more efficient cleaning.
  • Adding public area bathroom attendants to maintain new cleanliness standards.
  • Considering the need for a new housekeeping position to oversee sanitation.

icons for a mask and handwashingWHAT CHANGES GUESTS MAY SEE

  • Touchless interaction where possible: mobile check-ins, mobile keys, texting for services, and touchless payment systems.
  • Touchless room changes: pre-sealed plastic cups, touch free soap dispensers, replacing remotes with sanitized remotes, voice controls to open shades.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer stations throughout the property.
  • Restricted elevator use.
  • Closed or restricted amenities such as fitness centers and pools.

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