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3 Tips for Avoiding HVAC Failure During Summertime

When summer arrives, staying comfortable takes more than simply setting the office thermostat to “cool.” In fact, maintaining temperatures in commercial buildings requires months of preparation and ongoing maintenance, which demand a lot from HVAC systems and maintenance staff. High heat can age some of the most important components of the system, such as the coils, pumps and chiller condensers, and degradation can occur rapidly, sometimes in as little as a three month span.  For building owners and property management, maintaining ideal indoor environments for lease paying tenants is a critical area of focus. When leasing an office space, tenants prioritize a problem-free environment provided by, among other factors, optimal HVAC conditions.


Commercial Building Water Sustainability: Benefits of Gray Water

Sustainability practices in commercial buildings are becoming increasingly important as officials implement new sustainability legislation. The Climate Mobilization Act is in full force in New York, the California Water Plan addresses water conservation with proactive responses, and green initiatives are popping up all over the U.S.  With water shortages expected in 40 states by 2024, it is critical that more sustainable practices related to water usage becomes a standardized practice across the commercial real estate industry. Research in the Journal of Environmental Engineering recommends commercial buildings adopt more diversified and reusable water portfolios because they tend to use a significant amount of domestic, or potable, water for irrigation systems. Not only is this unsustainable, but the expenses accrued are no longer necessary with the ability to reuse gray water. technology.

Facilities Services

5 Questions to Ask on Your Facility Management RFP

Selecting a facility management provider is so much more than buying any other product or service. It is identifying a partner that will become a crucial part of your operations.


3 Steps to Make Fitwel Certification a Reality

People spend at least 90 percent of their time inside, so it is understandable that organizations that want to keep employees healthy, productive and happy are willing to go the extra mile to make the most of their workspaces.

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