In a recent press release, the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA), a group which represents the country’s largest facilities services and janitorial companies, has provided several helpful recommendations for Tri-State businesses as the Northeast moves swiftly into a post-Covid reality.

Able Services, a founding member of the CCA wanted to share the recommendations from the press release.

The Cleaning Coalition of America recommends that businesses consider the following to facilitate a seamless return to in-person work as possible:

  • Routine Disinfection Should be the Norm, Especially Often-Touched Surfaces: As we emerge from various state-level lockdowns, people will be more interested in your cleaning program than ever before. Paying particularly close attention to high-touch areas and wiping these surfaces with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution is essential in the prevention and reduction of infectants.
  • Sanitization Stations and Health Screenings: Working with building managers and owners to create and implement consistent processes for sanitation and screening protects against future outbreaks and keeps employees safe.
  • Develop and Maintain Infection Response Protocol: A well-developed plan in conjunction with cleaning professionals and building staff ensures an efficient response against outbreaks with minimal contamination.
  • Visible Cleaning Teams: The majority of Americans are concerned that returning to work in-person will pose a direct threat to their health and the health of those around them. Visible onsite cleaning crews employing best-practices and up-to-date protocols can help to alleviate these fears.
  • Streamline Employee Communications: Prioritizing clear and concise communication will help employees and tenants to observe the new mandates in your building. Physical signage and transparent updates as new information becomes available is tantamount to the comfort of tenants.

Gary Herald, President of Able Services and Coalition Board Member, had this to say: “The pandemic has taught us that using the best products is only the start of an effective Covid-era cleaning program. Precise protocols that emphasize routine cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and developing detailed decontamination policies can keep people safe should Covid-19—or any virus for that matter—make its way into a workplace.”

Prioritizing the health and safety of employees, tenants, customers and building staff should be top of mind for all businesses as state level restrictions are lifted. By paying close attention to CDC and OSHA guidelines, and the recommendations of the Cleaning Coalition of America, businesses can confidently reconvene with safe and healthy spaces.