SF_Foodbank_2BOMA YP: Volunteering by Erik Carlson, Engineering Mananger

Participating with BOMA Young Professionals (BOMA YP) has been a great experience. I started off in the field as a Utility Engineer and worked my way through the apprenticeship into a role where I managed a crew. My current responsibilities as an Engineering Manager at Able Services are demanding yet rewarding. I visit a vast array of buildings with diverse systems, work with a wide variety of industry veterans, and help expose the next generation to my profession. At Able I work with an amazingly supportive group of people but I wanted to connect with my peer group. That’s when I learned about BOMA YP.

BOMA YP is comprised of members with 0-7 years in the industry including vendors and property managers. We meet on a regular basis to talk about the industry, network, and socialize. Part of our responsibility as YPs is to think strategically: How do we connect CRE to the community? What are the latest technologies that will change the industry? What does it mean to be part of a business community? How do we get more Young Professionals to network at our events?

Seeing the relevance of BOMA YP in San Francisco made me want to join the group’s steering committee last year. I recently participated with a group of 12 YPs at the SF MARIN foodbank. It was really eye opening to see how much food moves through the facility and how many lives are positively affected by the efforts of the organization and its volunteers.

BOMA YP group is committed to trying new things to engage our fellow YPs and to challenge the old ways of doing business. If you are interested please contact BOMA YP Chair Brooke Barnecut, bbarnecut@kilroyrealty.com.

The steering committee encourages all young professionals to participate in the educational offerings and networking events to expand their knowledge base and their relationships within the industry. Follow BOMA Young Professionals on Instagram @bomasf_yp and make sure to hashtag #bomasfyp.