At Able Services, we are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our products, services and processes via breakthrough and incremental improvements in janitorial and engineering services. We cannot implement these improvements without great leadership. 

Bill Sivori has been a Project Manager with Able Services for over a decade. In this time, he has led teams of operations managers, supervisors and foremen overseeing cleaning operations for high-end tenants, including lawyers, investment bankers and tech companies. Sivori goes above and beyond for his clients by continuously bringing in new innovations and practices. In fact, in the past, he has produced road shows demonstrating the best products so that other Able Services operations managers, and others in the profession, can benefit from his discoveries. 

For this blog post, Sivori provided us with insight into the philosophies that are fundamental to his management approach and recent trends in the cleaning operations industry, focusing especially on new cleaning technologies, management and client relations programs, water removal and ongoing training for staff members. 

Utilizing High-Tech Equipment to Assist Janitorial Staff 

The new cleaning technologies Sivori has incorporated into his team’s operations cover more space compared to traditional methods, while creating cost-savings on cleaning materials and assisting janitorial staff with cleaning efficiencies.

The rapid development in the commercial sector and high hygiene demands both contribute to the growing floor cleaning equipment market. Sivori stands behind several of these recent technologies: 

  • Victory ESD sprayers use chemical particles that act as static and stick to surfaces in its path, rather than simply touching them.
  • Wiz Robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous vacuum cleaner that delivers a higher-quality, more efficient clean.
  • HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot is an AI-powered glass cleaner suitable for any window thickness.
  • SpillMaster makes mopping a much cleaner procedure with its spill-proof container, even when tipped over or turned upside down.

Sivori is particularly excited about the Tornado ACS, which is a media blaster that uses crushed recycled glass, walnut shells and other recycled debris. This is a big step up from acid-based cleaning solutions that have been used to remove stains on exterior surfaces in the past. Plus, the Tornado ACS does not use water, which is a huge win for sustainable cleaning practices.

As Sivori says, “Investment in these products is worth it, if it provides a more efficient process for its cleaning staff.” 


Making Updates to Management and Client Relations Platforms 

Good leadership is, in part, marked by adaptability. Able Service’s EnAbleIFM Knowledge Management Platform used to be only for staff audits. Over the years, the platform has been tailored to Able Services clients’ needs. 

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial buildings took precautions, such as temperature checks, that Able Services building management registered in the EnAbleIFM database. A report of this information could be easily communicated to the client through the platform.
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Removing Waste in Smarter, Safer Ways

To help occupants with sorting waste and recycling, Sivori’s team has implemented sorters who ensure discarded material goes to the right place. He has also incorporated battery buckets through the building to ensure they are not disposed of in places where leaked toxic chemicals could affect the environment. 

Many cities, including San Francisco where Sivori is located, have established zero-waste goals that provide tiered incentives to buildings that meet a percentage of that goal. Not only are these buildings receiving discounts on energy bills, they are also doing their part in creating a more sustainable community


Ensuring the Janitorial Staff Are Satisfied 

As Sivori says, “It doesn’t matter how good management does, if you don’t have happy, trained janitors, you’re never going to be successful.”

In addition to annual and ongoing training, Sivori has established a practice of going over sites to gauge the client’s needs for nearly every shift. Each client requires a different schedule and set of cleaning procedures, and he is proud of his team’s ability to adapt to last-minute requests.

And his clients feel the same way. One thing Sivori recommends to any person in a similar position to his is recognizing the work of the staff in front of their peers by relating the client’s praises whenever an email or phone call comes through.


Customer-Centric Cleaning Operations from Able Services 

As Sivori says, “Able Services is a big company but with a small company feel.” This means that when a client picks up the phone or sends an email, they receive a prompt response. With other larger companies, a lot of that customer service gets lost in the operations.

As part of Able Services’ commitment to excellence, when we hire a project manager of cleaning operations, we train them with the janitors, utility staff and tile crews to get hands-on experience of how they work. This not only gives them a lay of the land, but it also provides them the opportunity to find places to optimize. 

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