Dawn Short, Sr. HR Business PartnerHow has your HR experience prepared you for your current position as Sr. HR Business Partner at Able?

After being in Human Resources for 20 + years I have been able to keep an open mind and be able to adapt and assimilate to any given environment. I have also come to realize that all organizations are different. And you have to stay current with the various HR laws and best practices and always seek counsel when you do not know the answer.  I have counseled employees during the Oklahoma bombings, assisted employees during 911, dealt with various companies advising employees during the dot.com era and telecom era and assisted employees and management during the job recession.  People are people and they will always need the voice of Human Resources to advise, guide and assist in the growth of any organization.

What is an example of how your work in HR helped an employee flourish within the company?

As a Human Resources professional I have always been able to make an employee feel at ease. In addition to assisting an employee in a new career move, I’ve coached managers on how to deal with difficult employees and coached employees on getting along with their coworkers.

How would you explain the importance of HR departments?

A good Human Resources Department adds value to any growing organization. Human Resources helps a company establish core values, we offer conflict resolution and provide training and development as well as define what core principles any company should have. In addition to providing guidance on the performance appraisal/review process. Human resources is also the department that develops an employee’s talent and recruits new talent when necessary.

What was your favorite job as a teenager, and does it relate to your current career?

I was a life guard and a camp counselor at a sleep away camp for 4 years. And yes, I learned how to lead people and take care of them, save lives by not letting any camper drown and take on a lot of responsibility due to the parents trusting me with their children.

What does “Service at Work,” mean to you?

From an HR perspective – Human Resources provides a service to an active organization. (This means that human resources drives the necessary HR functions for an organization to thrive.)Able Services is the USA’s largest family-owned provider of engineering, janitorial, and facility solutions. Working together to deliver valuAble work-life experiences. Serving over more than one billion sq. ft. Able delivers the most innovative and forward thinking services in the industry.

Since 1926 Able has consistently delivered world-class service at a competitive value, thereby achieving significant cost savings and efficiencies for our clients.