A tech campus functions at its best when there are zero interruptions to daily operations. Besides ensuring that the equipment works optimally, employee workflow is expected to be seamless. 

To assist with employee efficiency and satisfaction, many large-scale tech companies have built campuses that include housing and amenities. These amenities include medical offices, laundry facilities, fitness centers and more, all with the goal of keeping employees safe and happy so that they can put in the time and energy required to keep the company running. 

With facilities of the size common to tech companies, a facilities management team is required to maintain a clean environment by providing a wide range of services, including kitchen cleaning and stocking, laundry and dry cleaning, package deliveries, valet services, food services, landscaping and more. 

Although coverage of these tasks is no small feat, a partnership with the right facilities management team delivers these services consistently and when you need them to help ensure an optimal daily workflow. 

Consolidated Services 

One of the main differentiators between multi-level high rises and tech campuses is that tech campuses are not looking to sell next year. In other words, the building owner of a piece of commercial property provides upkeep for both occupant satisfaction as well as potential buyers—but that’s not true with tech campuses. 

Instead, tech campus facility management focuses on creating an environment that allows employees to thrive and provide the best work for the company. On top of that, tech campuses run under a 24/7 operation schedule, which makes around-the-clock service availability a necessity. 

In an effort to standardize best practices and remain cost effective, it’s important to enter a partnership with facility management that provides services through a consolidated effort. Not only does this cover the many aspects of servicing the building, but it also allows for a streamlined billing process. 

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Which hospitality services are most necessary for a tech campus?

While every tech campus is different, there are a number of hospitality services that should be readily made available by your facility management team:

  • Cleaning and stocking the large kitchens: Free food and stocked kitchens are two of many perks provided to employees by large tech campuses. With the right team, food services are varied to keep meals interesting and kitchens pristine. 
  • Maintaining overall cleanliness: In addition to overall upkeep of the building, tech campuses often have uncommon features, including large fountains, on-campus lakes and fitness centers, which a specialized facilities management workforce readily attends to or outsources. 
  • Landscaping campus lawns and plant life: Visual appeal through campus features provide a positive brand environment for employees taking a stroll through campus or an outdoor lunch break. 
  • Servicing conference rooms: With the level of technical equipment required for daily operations, a facility maintenance team assists with audio and video setup during in-house and client meetings. 
  • Upkeeping communal collaborative spaces: With so much collaboration at the core of business operations, keeping the large communal collaborative spaces clean and tidy is a necessity. 
  • Providing evening and specialty janitorial services: A facility operating 24/7 means janitorial services should be available around the clock.

Although this list details only the surface-level requirements, your facility management team partner should provide experience with an extensive list of services or provide a vendor list to outsource if the requested service falls outside of scope. 

GreenAble Green Cleaning 

Sustainability and green initiatives continue to trend in the tech industry, with several of the top tech companies committed to carbon neutrality between 2030-2050. Although carbon neutrality and green cleaning are different initiatives, they exist within the structure to create healthier environments for employees. 

In choosing a facilities management team, note the following list of green cleaning services:

    • High standards: Using the highest standard for chemicals, equipment, services and products that are environmentally friendly, including fragrance-free sprays, microfiber cloths, limited use of disinfectants and low VOC and toxicant content products
    • Consolidation of practices: Establishing a program that consolidates all services under a single provider allows for standardized best practices, and additional training and education on sustainability
  • Activated water and reduction of chemicals: To reduce exposure to abrasive chemicals, strides have been made to offer chemical-free methods, especially Electro Chemical Activation, which cleans with electrochemically activated water, eliminating harsher solvents from the process 

In addition to green cleaning, we're also ready to help you with deep cleaning and disinfection. Our specially trained ReliAble Response Team will help ensure your workers are confident in the health and safety of their workspace.

A Commitment to Satisfaction

The productivity and satisfaction of your employees is at the top of your list, which puts it at the top of ours as well.

When you partner with Able Services, you will be served by our day porters, who focus on creating a clean, amenity-driven environment by providing a full range of services, including kitchen cleaning and stocking, laundry and dry cleaning, package deliveries, valet services, food services, landscaping and more. 

To ensure we remain efficient in our services, we monitor and report performance through our GreenAble Green Cleaning program. With a reputation of doing facilities services best, with the ability to recruit specific staff to handle all aspects of your facilities maintenance requirements, we help keep your operations running with limited downtime.

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