This article was originally published in March 2011 and has been updated.

To effectively reduce energy and utility consumption, we recommend a “whole building” approach including establishing an Energy Plan. This plan should include the following action items:

  • A minimum of one year (but preferably two to three years) of utility data should be compiled to build a historical load profile of the facility
  • Benchmark and establish a utility consumption baseline of the current operations and compare to national dataset
  • Perform an in-house energy audit to document the operational no cost/low cost Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO)
  • Develop an HVAC Operational Optimization Program
  • Develop a continuous utility tracking program to monitor success of the Energy Plan
  • Develop an operator training and energy awareness program to communicate the Energy Plan goals and objectives.

Facilities where we have incorporated this guideline and established an operational optimization program have realized utility savings from 3% to 12%.  Able Services can work with you to establish an energy plan for your building.

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