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Chat with Chicago's Finest Outsourced Residential Services Manager Dan Lawlor

1. From your seat as an Engineering Manager focusing on Outsourced Residential Services, how has the residential market changed in Chicago? a.  In the past 10 years, the residential market has changed dramatically. The concept of a “cookie cutter” high rise went away and “high-end” living replaced it. Ownership realized that they are able to be more profitable by spending a bit more money on the amenities during development, since they make it back in rent right away. Able delivers solutions to over 11,000 premier units in the Chicago area.


What is Service at Work?

Service is not something you can touch. It's not a widget sold in a store. Service is a perception, it's a feeling...It takes a fire in your gut to wake up every morning to deliver Service.


Energy Procurement Myth #1: We don’t need a consultant - Going direct to the supplier eliminates a layer of cost

This is a common objection to using any third party advisor or consultant. If it was never cost effective to use a broker then many multi-billion dollar brokerage industries (investments, insurance, employee benefits, real estate, etc.) wouldn’t exist. The fact is when there is a complex market with multiple players and significant information gaps between buyers and sellers, brokers add value. If you are successfully procuring energy on your own, then you probably have a well-trained staff with a deep understanding of energy markets.


A New York Minute with Michael Roach

What does “Service at Work” mean to you?


BOMA San Francisco's Young Professionals: Volunteering

BOMA YP: Volunteering by Erik Carlson, Engineering Mananger Participating with BOMA Young Professionals (BOMA YP) has been a great experience. I started off in the field as a Utility Engineer and worked my way through the apprenticeship into a role where I managed a crew. My current responsibilities as an Engineering Manager at Able Services are demanding yet rewarding. I visit a vast array of buildings with diverse systems, work with a wide variety of industry veterans, and help expose the next generation to my profession. At Able I work with an amazingly supportive group of people but I wanted to connect with my peer group. That’s when I learned about BOMA YP.

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