Super Green logoAble Services is committed to revolutionizing solutions where we work and live. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that our corporate HQ in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district is now sourcing 100% renewable energy through SFPUC’s CleanPowerSF program.

SuperGreen is 100% renewable, greenhouse-gas free electricity generation that’s Green-e certified which means it meets the strong environmental and consumer protection standards established by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Green-e certification requires renewable energy sources to be generated from new facilities, marketed with complete transparency and accuracy, and delivered to the purchaser. The SuperGreen, 100% renewable energy, option makes it easy for San Francisco businesses and homes to eliminate their energy related carbon footprint. To enroll your business/household in SuperGreen 100% renewable energy, visit their website!

States, cities, and businesses are working together to take action and ensure that the US remains a global leader in energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions. San Francisco’s new plan for commercial buildings would roll out in phases, but the biggest structures are first in line. Buildings in the city that are 500,000 square feet or larger must switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2022. Buildings between 250,000 and 499,000 square feet must switch by 2024, and anything 50,000 square feet or larger must switch by 2030. We are proud to support SF’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Businesses are a powerful platform to change an economy’s environmental footprint and we’re on the path to doing our part. Electricity use is a major source of USAs greenhouse gas emissions and procuring electricity from renewable sources is a direct way to reduce GHGs. Organizations that incorporate sustainability practices into their business model will help lead us to a zero net energy future.

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Founded in 1926, Able Services provides solutions for facility operations. Working together to deliver valuAble work-life experiences, Able cleans, operates and maintains more than 1 billion square feet of the built environment for the world’s biggest owners of real estate and facilities operators. Employing 17,000 people in 43 states, Able is revolutionizing solutions where people work and live. Able is ‘Service at Work.’ Learn more at or call (800) 461 9033.Working together to provide valuAble work-life experiences, Able Services is USA's largest family-owned and privately held provider of facility solutions for more than one billion sq. ft. of real estate.

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